Judy + Randy engagement

I first met Judy and Randy while photographing her sister Vicky’s wedding a few years ago. Randy was also the best man. It was a party then and I’m sure it will be a party in October.

For the engagement shoot we started out at Pasadena City Hall. The “California Mediterranean” style as it’s called made for a great locale. We wandered around this massive yet graceful building with it’s courtyard, long halls and columns finding spots to shoot in. Trying something new I brought out the panorama tripod (above) for some multiple exposures. Click and drag your mouse around the image to navigate.

City Hall was just the first stop in our marathon photo shoot. We then hustled to downtown L.A. for a little elegance and grit at the Disney Concert Hall and Arts District. They were a little hesitant when they saw on the map that the Arts District abuts Skid Row. I assured them it would be a cool spot. They were blown away by the enormous graffiti murals that made for colorful backgrounds.

Not wanting to miss sunset we jumped back in our cars and dashed off to Marina del Rey. We arrived with plenty of time to work the scene. It got a little chilly out there but Randy kept his honey warm. The day was topped with shots of the sun dipping behind the Santa Monica Mountains. Enjoy the photos! (Comments welcomed below)

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  1. Judy Tran

    Wow Bryan, these pictures are amazing! I absolutely love all of them! Thank you sooooo much for doing such an awesome job! You are so talented and creative… :) Im so glad you’ll be doing our wedding too! -Judy

    Aug 04, 2009 @ 8:21 pm