Amy + Mike

True to Chinese wedding tradition, before Mike could claim his bride Amy he and his groomsmen had to jump through a few hoops, albeit updated from those of old China.

First was agility: Passing an orange between them without using their hands.
Second there was the feats of strength: two groomsmen had to drop and do 20 push-ups each.
Third: Improvise a couple songs and serenade the bride.
They passed and were allowed into the house for the first of two tea ceremonies.

As they left her parents’ home they were showered with rice. However, one youngster forgot to take the rice out of the bag and threw the whole thing at the couple…ouch!
The couple didn’t miss a beat when Mike popped a coat button. Amy quickly pulled out a sewing kit and stitched it up herself while dressed in her qipao.

A couple of the games at the reception involved a blind-folded groom and bride having to find each other in a line-up by touch. They each chose correctly on the first try.

With skills like these they’d make great doctors…oh wait, they already are about to become one! Even their cake topper was a couple of MD’s.

Kudos to Amy and her friend Amy Carter, who was the coordinator via Ruby Slippers Events, for a well-planned day at Pacific Palms Resort. Everything was on time.


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  1. Amy Carter

    Beautiful photographs! What a lovely couple! They and their friends and family were so kind – would have been fun to be a guest at that wedding! Also, thanks for the compliment, Bryan!

    Sep 08, 2009 @ 6:17 pm