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Perhaps by now you've seen countless portfolios...and they've all started to look the same. I hope that from viewing my work you see that I aim for uncommon wedding photography.

For me photojournalism is not just a style. It's a profession. As a photojournalist for nearly than 20 years, I have covered local and international stories. My photos have also been published in Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today and People. Please check out these photos at www.bryanchan.net.

On your wedding day my news assignment is you. The goal for me at is to capture compelling and storytelling images of your day. And have fun doing it.

I believe in keeping it simple when it comes to packages. This allows me to concentrate on the shooting. Isn't that what you pay a photographer for anyways?

bryanchanphotography @ yahoo.com (please remove spaces)

Los Angeles Times related inquires please email (bryan.chan @ latimes.com)

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